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Providing a Personalized and Holistic Approach to Hospice Care

Hospice is never an easy decision to make. Grace Hospice, an Ascend Health company, truly understands this challenging situation you and your loved ones are facing. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you manage this difficult time with dignity and love through attentive, individualized programs, services and therapies. At Grace Hospice, we embrace a holistic and personalized approach, caring for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


Levels of Care

Routine: the most common level of care provided in the home or in a healthcare setting.

Respite: short-term relief for caregivers by placing the patient in a nursing facility for up to five days.

Inpatient: a more intensive level of care designed for short-term pain and symptom management; provided in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Continuous Care: one-on-one skilled nursing care designed for short-term crisis intervention involving pain and symptom management; provided most often in the home or the assisted-living setting for all or part of the day, depending on the clinical needs of the patient.


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